Band saws

Consequent solutions for varying users in meat products industry, butcher trade, meat dissecting plants, multiple chain stores and canteen kitchens. Everything is cut in clean sections - meat, bones, poultry, fish or frozen products. Experience and fully developed technology are the guarantee for the best work results with band saws from MADO.

With eight different variants MADO offers solutions for every choice and area of application.

All MADO band saws have been manufactured from high-grade stainless steel based on the latest developments for efficient, hygienic food processing. They cut everything exactly in clean sections, irrespective of whether it is meat, bone, poultry or fish.

All models have the required safety equipment such as pressure device, vertically adjustable band  protection, solenoid operated door switch and motor brake.



MKB 749 PERFEKTA PLUS Bone Cutting Band Saw, tabletop

  • Complete with portioner, bone meal container, "feed-on and safe cut" guide and motor brake.
  • The machine is completely made of stainless steel.
  • The MKB 749 is available in two versions - either three-phase or single-phase.



MKB 758 SELEKTA 4 Bone Cutting Band Saw with roller table

Bone cutting band saw with roller table, floor-mounted. Completely with portioner, bone meal container, removable "feed-on and safe cut" guide, height adjustable blade shield and motor brake.

Speed up to 32 m/sec. upon request, no extra charges.

The machine is completely made of stainless steel an is consistently designed for the requirements of the industry. The machine is ideal for the professional operation in meat dissecting plants as well as the meat products industry.

The MKB 758 is based on the latest developments for efficient, hygienic food processing and can be easily cleaned with a high pressure cleaner. The curling elements can be removed for cleaning and can be discard on a cleaning devce. This reduce the efforts by cleaning the machine.


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