Камеры копчения рыбы Fishsmoker H1950-2850 Jet Smoke


With a horizontal air circulation for all products which are treated in a lying position.

  • Drying
  • Smoking
  • Dry Cooking
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Sterilizing
  • Cooling

Environmental friendly and economical: The JET SMOKE System

JET SMOKE is a smoke circulating system which reduces the smoke emissions to the statutory levels - in fact below them. The smoke is continuously regenerated via the smoke generator. The benefit: the circulation system is sealed; no fresh air enters the system and there's virtually no exhaust gas. This method ensures a particularly environmental friendly and economical operation in all processes.

In this closed JET SMOKE system the generated smoke is used in the best possible way.

It stands for:

  • minimum energy requirements
  • environmental friendly
  • lower loss of weight as conventional procedures. 

In contrast to open systems the requirement of smoking materials for the JET SMOKE System is up to 40 % lower. Subsequent combustion units, smoke scrubbers or catalytic converters are unnecessary.

Improving gently. Acting environmental-friendly and economically. Selling successfully

Fish products need a different processing than meat products. Salmon, trout, herring - and mackerel fillets for example, have to be placed in a lying position on grates or plates. Kerres has developed a smoking system which meets these special requirements: The Fishsmoker System.

During the improvement of fish, poultry and other kinds of food, which have to be treated in a lying position, the horizontal air circulation system provides a consistent treatment atmosphere inside the chamber and ensures even drying results within the entire batch also with maximum yields.

Your benefits:

  • energy saving mode of operation
  • low sawdust consumption
  • short smoking times
  • low loss of weight
  • high utilization



K-touch panel Kerres

New developed touch screen control - and all processes always at sight

Some touches on the control panel are enough, then the microprocessor control automatically takes over: It constantly monitors and controls all the parameters and ensures a precise clima and repeatable, reliable processes.

  • Touch screen
  • Clear control
  • Simple operation
  • Microprocessor-controlled technology
  • PC networking
  • Documentation of processes
  • Stored programs are always reliable repeatable
  • Power failure protection



With the Hybrid Airflow Circulation System with air flaps for Universal Smokehouses you have the ability to control the direction of the airflow and reach faster processing times, higher product output, energy savings, less weight loss, and absolute uniformity throughout the final product. Perfect for product hung on sticks, or laid on screens. Throughout the world members of the KERRES family are cooking 38 screens of Beef Jerky at a time with absolute evenness throughout the entire truck.







Single-Truck Smokehouse for small businesses: Fishsmoker JS H-1950/1 

Top performance for challenges in industry and trade

The KERRES JET SMOKE universal units provide a constantly high quality in the small business as well as in the industrial company. The circulation in the unit exactly coordinated with the steady smouldering of the sawdust provide high-quality products. The fully-automatic process control enables reliable repeatable production processes.

Thanks to the JET SMOKE technology the Fish smoker units work with such low emission levels, that no emission reducers are needed. Additionally each Fish smoker is equipped with a stainless steel cooling system.

It guarantees consistently low temperatures during the cold smoking.

KERRES units are manufactured in modular design. They can be flexibly designed and easily installed on the spot. The robust stainless steel construction is CE- tested. The universal smokehouses are available in various sizes, with different smoke generators as well as all current heating methods



Single-Truck Smokehouse for medium sized businesses: Fishsmoker JS H-2250/1

At a glance

  • horizontal air circulation system for products in a lying position
  • fully-automatic regenerative separate smoke generator for sawdust smoke, friction smoke and liquid smoke
  • all kinds of smoking processes: hot smoking, intense smoking, cold smoking
  • various heating methods available: electricity, gas, oil, steam
  • extremely high charging of the smoke truck possible (up to 38 stations)
  • modular design and individual sizes: from the single-truck-to the multi-truck-smokehouse for the industrial production
  • floor passable
  • easy to clean with integrated foam cleaning system
  • integrated bottom drainage
  • microprocessor control, reliably repeatable processes
  • easy to install on the spot
  • environmental-friendly and economical thanks to modern JET SMOKE technology
  • cooling battery fitted as standard



Technical data for single-truck







Dimensions cm, w x d x h (with door)

1590 x 1060 x 2600

1680 x 1060 x 2900

1680 x 1170 x 3200

1680 x 2350 x 3200

1680 x 3450 x 3200

1680 x 4550 x 3200

Energy consumption kW electricity




70,8 +100*

106,2 +150*

141,6 +200*

Smoke truck sizes

1010 x 910 x 1500

1010 x 910 x 1700

1010 x 1010 x 2000

Stock length mm




Capacity smoke truck

Depending on the product type

*- Steam Kg

Subject to technical modifications. (connected loads on request) and as multi-truck chambers. Heating methods Electricity- Steam (HP/LP)- Oil- Gas


Meat plant construction:

Slaughter equipment:

Deboning rooms:

By-products and skin processing:

Meat processing:

Ice machines:

Sausage production:

Delicatessen production:

Smoking houses:

Hygienic equipment: