Установки отбора костного мозга

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Установки отбора костного мозга

EFA Vacuum System for spinal cord remover and rest of fat.

  • vacuum pump EU-300, 300 m3, complete with an air filter
  • vacuum tank GM 200 - capacity 100 l
  • safety swparator PS 10 for ensuring working of the vacuum
  • pump in a dry enviroment, complete with an orifice
    for connecting to the vacuum hose
  • pneumatic turn-cock for protecting to the pump
  • suction hose between the suction adapter and the
    vacuum tank, diameter 38 mm, lenght 5 m
  • spherical tap 11/4“ with manual control for starting
    and stopping the suction process at the adapter

Scope of Supply

EFA Vacuum System VS 300

(Order-No. 120003003)

0.00 KZT
  • Easy and clean processing of guts
  • adjustable depth stop
  • Established EFA805 - handpiece

Scope of Supply


(Order-No. 130 285 000) 

0.00 KZT

For clean and hygenic freeing of the bung, for sheeps, hogs and sows.

0.00 KZT

EFA Eviscration E 21

Scope of Supply

Rodder E 21

(Oder-No. 001971261)

Dispenser E 14

(Order-No. 001971262)

Cutter E 10

(Order-No. 001971263)

Rubber rings E 11

(Order-No. 001971264) 

0.00 KZT

For clean and hygenic freeing of the bung, for sheep.

  • Full evacuation of all materials contained it the gut.
  • High efficiency at low weight.
  • Capacity up to 500 sheeps per hour.

Scope of Supply

EFA 204 Bung dropper

(Order-No. 008 011 806)

Vacuum unit

(Order-No. 001 606 877)

is not included in the basic scope of supply.

0.00 KZT
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