Blow molding machines Till 40 Lts Model 5001e SIDE

Blow molding machines Till 40 Lts Model 5001e SIDE

Технические данные
No. of cavities 1
Output up to 600 bph
Bottle size Formats till 30 lts
Diameter max 340 mm and height max 595 mm.
Preform size Neck diameter min 40 mm, max 120 mm.
Electrical grid 400V AC, III + N PE 50Hz (60 Hz) EN-50,160 and EN, 61000-4-30
Total installed capacity 150 kW
High pressure air Max. 40 bar. Quality min 1.4.1, ISO 8573-1:2001 / Volume flow rate 500-700 m³/h
Low pressure air Min 6 bar. Max 10 bar Quality 3.4.3, ISO 8573-1:2001 / Volume flow rate 70 m³/h
Water between 6-10ºC temperature with 3-5 bar of pressure.

Ease and reliability on a large scale

Specially designed for high-capacity containers (up to 30 litres), the 5001e blower has been developed based on the demands and difficulties when blowing very large containers.

These high-performance and high-quality machines stand out because of their technology, robustness, ease of use and multiple personalisation options, which mean they meet the production demands of every client.

Produces up to 600 containers per hour.

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Мультилинии производства макаронных изделий

Мультилинии производства макаронных изделий