Service Department

Service Department is the beginning of all beginnings of the «Uni-Tech» company. It has been created to ensure smooth operation of customer's equipment and supplies of consumables and spare parts.

Sale of consumables and spare parts

For the entire period of the warranty, it is required to use those consumables and spare parts purchased from Uni-Tech only, in order to avoid spoilage, breakage of equipment or its individual parts. The product range is wide (from glue, oils and lubricants to filter valves and electronics). 


Services provided*:

  • Supplied equipment installation and customer’s staff training;
  • Warranty service;
  • Free informational support throughout the entire equipment lifetime;
  • Equipment upgrade*;
  • Post warranty service*;
  • Sales of consumables and spare parts for all equipment supplied by the company.

* In case of a contract with «Uni-Tech» for equipment repair and maintenance or in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions.

Training the customer staff on-site of equipment

We provide staff training on all types of equipment that may be interesting to our customers. The training includes theoretical and practical sessions. Duration of the training depends on the equipment under study and lasts from 7 to 14 days.

Warranty Service

During the warranty period equipment is for a free repair.

Post-warranty service 

At the stage of post-warranty service, you may sign agreements to carry out maintenance inspection and diagnostic of the equipment. In any intensive processing, equipment accumulates mechanical and technical changes, which may cause equipment failure at any time and at any crucial moment. Time spent to eliminate breakage, repair and debugging of equipment, results in losses for a company. In order to extend the uptime of the equipment, it is necessary to carry out periodic preventive inspection and diagnosis:

  • Carrying out the inspection of equipment;
  • Equipment overall efficiency validating;
  • Performance of individual units and mechanisms;
  • Measuring productivity and accuracy of the equipment.

Scheduled preventive maintenance

Every detail, node, mechanism of the equipment has a limited lifetime. Customer Support specialist will come to your site to replace parts, components, mechanisms, which lifetime will expire in the near future. Regular quality preventive maintenance performed in accordance with the schedule will result in uninterrupted operation of equipment. All performed works are under the warranty.**

**Subject to terms and conditions of the contract.


During the process of the overhaul, repair carries out complete replacement of obsolete parts, components, and mechanisms for the new ones. 
All overhaul repaired equipment is under the warranty.** 
The best solution is to combine overhaul with the equipment modernization.

**Subject to terms and conditions of the contract.

Equipment upgrade

 Upgrade of equipment is for: 

  • Reducing dosage errors;
  • Increasing productivity of the equipment;
  • Improving performance of the equipment;

All works on the modernization of equipment are performed as soon as possible on the client’s site. 
Upgraded equipment will be provided with the warranty.**

**Subject to terms and conditions of the contract.


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