INCOLD S.p.A. was founded in 1996 as a separate company and member of the Arneg group, devoted to the production of cold rooms. A specialized technical team and the knowledge of the market acquired in the sphere of the group at the world level have enabled INCOLD to become a European reference in just a few years, in the field of commercial and industrial cold rooms, isothermal panels and isothermal doors.


Evokit is a range of mini cold rooms composed of 35 models in 2 heights, with volume from 1,8 to 12 m3.
The sanitary fi nishing is obtained by rounded profi le, in the junction between wall, fl oor and ceiling panels.
The essentiality of the components and direct fastening of the vertical and horizontal panels make the assembly easy and quick.
They are designed for a rational access, with the optimization of the internal spaces, shelvings and monoblocs.
Evokit: it fi ts everywhere.

Insulation Connection with
dual effect



1 Thickness
for NT and LT
2 Heights Floors

Rounded internal


35 Models
334 Versions