Cepi is a well-established company in the field of raw materials storing, conveying, dosing and automating systems for the industry.

Born in the 1985, our company has developed the necessary competences to integrate the production with highly competitive automating software, which also were gained us multiple rewards for CEPI's excellent procedures.

Thanks to a commercial division strongly oriented to consulence and collaboration, CEPI was able to create a network of partners and representation in many parts of the world. In some countries, CEPI has its own commercial site.

Today the market is fast, but more and more it's product quality, efficency and reliability to make a difference. That's why in CEPI we always try to be a step ahead: a costumized product (strongly modelled on the reality of the costumer's work) in regards to both the engeneering and informatic needs.

CEPI is a relatively young company, but expresses the result of ten-years in the field. The managment staff aggregates competences in the design and mechanics, production and logistics departments, and a deep knowledge of the raw materials, which we gathered thanks to a steady presence in the market. In the last years we developed the added strenght of an electronic-informatic division which enables the company to closely follow a constantly evolving market, more and more demanding both in technical and technological terms. CEPI has proven it's able to offer a superior product, reliable, diversified and above all innovative, closely matching the market needs. Controllo di processo e gestione of the plant through a single PC (or operating panel) position became an integral element of the turnkey plants CEPI produces. Our products stand out both in the national and international market.